Inés Zulueta Iturralde


Colegiado: nº M-32288


Experiencia profesional

Psicóloga General Sanitaria en SINEWS MTI
- noviembre 2019 -


Forensic Mental Health Counselor en John Jay College of Criminal Justice
- septiembre 2013 - mayo 2015

Licenciatura en Psicología en Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
- octubre 2008 - junio 2013


Being the granddaughter of a diplomat, I was raised in a family with international vocation and several bicultural marriages. My grandmother’s face would spark with joy when polish was spoken at the other side of the line, and the table at Christmas was always decorated with gorgeous wooden figurines at my Swedish grandmother’s house. Following my personal interest in understanding the complexity of human relationships, I decided to study Psychology at the Autónoma University in Madrid. I interned at Niño Jesús Hospital in Madrid, where I had the first chance to get close to severe mental health disorders, particularly eating disorders. During my studies, I spent several summers in different countries: Belgium, USA, UK… Encouraged by my father, who was an admirer of the American education system after having completed college in the US himself, I studied several Psychology courses during the summer session at University of California, San Diego (UCSD). During this experience, I was fascinated by the continent and its academic opportunities, and I returned later on to pursue my Master’s Degree.

After concluding my bachelor’s degree in Spain, I started the Master of Arts in Forensic Mental Health Counseling in New York, where I resided for three years. During that time, I worked helping parolees with their mental health concerns (abuse and trauma, substance abuse, impulsiveness, anxiety…) to ease their way back into society. I worked performing individual therapy sessions, as well as conducting group therapy (sexual offending and domestic violence prevention, anger management and substance use groups, among others). During my experience, I became aware of the way traumatic experiences and abandonment makes us vulnerable to suffering mental health problems. During my stay at NYC, I participated in several research studies at JJAY-CUNY, with topics ranging from psychopathy to countertransference.

After returning to Spain, with the intention of practicing clinical psychology, I studied my Master in Health and Clinical Psychology at the European University in Madrid. During my studies, I worked as a study coach helping adolescents with learning disabilities (reading and writing skills, inattention, difficulties in organizing tasks, or homework and exam anxiety). I also collaborated during this time with the Pichon-Rivière Service in Madrid, offering free of charge therapeutic services to people who cannot afford them.

At present, I work as an adult therapist at Sinews, where I interned during my Master’s Degree. In a center such as Sinews, my multicultural background and my graduate experience in the US help me connect with the difficulties of my clients. At present, I continue my training in different methods of personality evaluation in order to offer more individualized treatment for my patients.

I believe that psychotherapy must create a warm environment in which my patient can feel safe, valued, supported and understood. In this instances, therapeutic work becomes most effective. I often treat anxiety and depression, and problems in self-esteem, assertiveness and interpersonal relationships.


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