Amanda Blanco Carranza


Colegiado: nº M-31200


Experiencia profesional

Psicóloga en SINEWS MTI
- enero 2018 -


Master de Investigación en Psicología Forense en University of British Columbia
- septiembre 2011 - septiembre 2013

Licenciatura en Psicología en Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
- septiembre 2004 - junio 2009


My academic training and professional experience have focused on Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology, and have developed in Spain and Canada.

I studied my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in Madrid, and as soon as I finished my studies I moved to Canada motivated by continuing my education and living in a multicultural country where I could meet people from different countries, cultures, and religions. I lived there for 6 years, so I know first-hand the effort and difficulties experienced while adapting to live in a foreign country.

While living in Canada, I studied a Master’s degree doing research in Forensic Psychology, and I volunteered with different organizations that assisted women victims of gender violence and sexual aggressions. I also volunteered facilitating support groups for people with addiction problems.

When I returned to Spain, my passion for psychotherapy led me to continue my training in Clinical Psychology (EMDR, Psychodrama, Psychoanalytic Therapy). During my Masters in Health and Clinical Psychology I was selected to do my practicum at SINEWS, where I had the opportunity to grow as a therapist working with different problems/difficulties (anxiety, depression, stress, grieving process, assertiveness problems, etc.). When I finished my Masters, I became part of the wonderful SINEWS team, where I keep learning every day.

I work from an integrative approach, using tools and techniques from different orientations to offer a therapy tailored to the personal needs of each client.

I like working with people experiencing anxiety, phobias, trauma, addictions, difficulties in social relationships or intimate relationships, difficulties derived from adapting to a new environment or immersed in transitional periods of their lives.


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